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Products for Profit is...

A Community

Join 1000+ members who are successfully increasing their income, decreasing their debt, and building 5, 6, and 7 figure businesses through reselling.

An Open Platform

Communicate with other resellers who are sharing high quality information to help others win.

From major successes to lessons from losses, it all is covered.

You'll Get Exclusive Access to....

  • 8 Welcome Modules to help you get set up and flipping for profits fast

  •  25+ Live Webinars to help you master sales on Amazon and niche's like Cards, Toys and More

  •  24/7 Access to over 1000 successful product flippers for support, new products and guidance

  • Weekly webinars with special guests and Live Q&A sessions to answer questions, teach product research, and help YOU grow your business

  • Over 250 profitable products you can flip --- every single month!

  •  Mobile access to all products and communities through our mobile app

There are tons of sub niches inside the reselling world. Inside PFP you get experts in the following categories:

- Toys
- Shoes (the hottest drops and raffles)
- Sports Cards
- Discontinued Products (massive profit margins)
- Vintage Video Games
- Funko
- Seasonal items
And so much more...

We have a team of experienced moderators ready to help you every step of the way. From eBay to Amazon, Mercari to Facebook Marketplace. We have you covered!

The strategies in PFP are ONLY available to members.

When you apply these simple but secret methods you'll get an almost UNFAIR advantage over other product flippers in the industry.

Products for Profit is valid for those living in The United States and Canada

More than 140,000 Amazon sellers surpassed $100K in sales in 2020

And if that's not enough, more than half of Amazon's $200 Billion in revenue went to third party resellers. Now imagine what you could earn using Amazon, Ebay and others. Don't worry, we'll show you how.

Take your Profits to the next level

❝I joined PFP in March of 2020. I though once the hot summer products slowed down last year PFP might slow down. However, I was wrong. I am on pace to double my amazon sales from 2020 in just over halfway of 2021. I did nearly $200k in sales in 2020 on Amazon and eBay. I will do this on Amazon alone in 2021. PFP has changed dramatically for the better and I am sourcing less in stores and more from the OA leads that are being dropped. I can't wait to see the members crush in Q4❞

Matt - Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Get informed before you join!

What exactly do I get?

By joining Products for Profit, you get access to 1000’s of resellers who are actively increasing their income through Retail, Online, and Traditional Arbitrage. Not only will you have tons of hot items to capitalize on, you also get weekly webinars, updated item lists, and help along the way.

Do I need to have prior knowledge about reselling before joining?

No prior knowledge is needed. While there is a learning curve to a few aspects to reselling, be assured that any questions you may have are always answered 1-on-1, through the webinars, and through the discord server.

What will I learn?

You will learn the ins and outs of retail arbitrage and how you can increase your monthly income by $1000’s. From the lessons taught in this group, you will be able to determine what products are profitable, where to source them, and the best platforms to resell for great returns.

Is this only for people living in the United States?

We currently cater to members in the US and Canada.

How long do I have access to this information?

You have access to this information for as long as your membership stays active.

What if I'm unhappy with this program?

If, in the rare chance, you’re unhappy with Products for Profit, you can cancel your membership at any time.


"Products for Profit has changed the game for me. I’d never looked at flipping as a viable income stream until recently. I saw the results Joe was getting and it inspired me to give this a try. I’ve now done 100+ sales and am able to pay some of my bills this month with the profits.

PFP is perfect for people like me who are new to the game, all the info you’d need is provided. Lists of hot products are sent out regularly and discussed in the telegram group 24/7. That’s 24/7 access to knowledge and support. Before PFP I had no idea what to sell, but now I only source products I KNOW will sell. If you take action, you will make your monthly fee back in 24hrs." - Ridley

"Since joining the group I’ve increased my sales by over 5k in less than a week. The tips and hints, as well as the general knowledge shared in the group has not only helped me increase my margins by being more efficient in shipping, fees, and capital costs, but the group also helps you stay up to date with the newest trends and the hot items. The market can change very quickly and it’s great to have all the extra pairs of eyes and ears out there keeping you connected. Highly recommended group." - Stalin

"I got Products for Profit on March 31st hoping to boost my eBay sales. I was concerned because all of my normal sources were closed down until further notice. In my first few days I was making money as fast as I could list the items. Through April 15th I have as much in sales in 15 days as I had from January 1-March 31. There is no doubt this course has taken my reselling game to a new level." - Matt

"Products for Profit has been outstanding. Coach Joe has been outstanding in getting us ahead of the game before a product gets hot so everyone in the group is able to source before they become impossible to find. Law of Supply and Demand kicks in and it’s buckets in our pockets. Everyone in the Chat roots for everyone else to make money and pass along tips to help so all of us win. My membership was paid for the year after 4 sales of the product we were on at the time." - Joel

Lifestyle Changes 


PFP Plus

More Products. More Profits.


The Flip List - Ultimate list of daily products you can flip for a profit - $50 Value

Product Monitors on our Private Server for Instant Updates on the hottest products - $500+ Value

Weekly Webinars and Trainings on Profitable Product Niches

3 Quick Start Guides to Help You Get Started

Private Membership Chat & Community for Support

Mobile App to take PFP With You

Maybe you just want to test the waters of arbitrage, but don't want to monitors and flip list to start. We got you covered.

The Basics To Get Started


Weekly Webinars and Trainings on Profitable Product Niches

3 Quick Start Guides to Help You Get Started

Private Membership Discord Chat for support and profitable items

Mobile App to take PFP With You

*** There are no refunds offered for this product. All transactions are final ***

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Products for Profit+

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